O'Shares Indexes

The O'Shares Indexes are designed to be tracked by exchange-traded funds emphasizing income, wealth preservation, and capital appreciation. There are currently four strategies in the O'Shares index family:

O'Shares Global Internet Giants Index

O'Shares Artificial Intelligence Index

O'Shares Robotics Growth Index

O'Shares US Quality Growth Index


The O'Shares Indexes serve as fair, impartial and transparent measures of the performance of companies selected according to index methodologies based on the O'Shares investment principles.

Key defining factors include:

Sound Investment Principles

The O'Shares Indexes are designed to simultaneously fulfill three core investment goals: income, wealth preservation, and capital appreciation.

Thorough Backtests

The O'Shares Indexes have been backtested for at least a decade each providing insight into different market conditions, and drawing from thoroughly cleaned universes that prevent look-ahead bias or duplicate listings.

Strictly Rules-Based

The O'Shares Indexes depend on clearly defined rules-based methodologies, which are overseen by an impartial Index Committee. Little discretion is exercised in compiling the Index and a pre-defined screening protocol assures a consistent, transparent and arms-length compilation process.